Health and safety responsibilities

Safety is our top priority at PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd (Petro Caribe) as we remain committed to one of our major goals which are to strengthen the safety culture in and around our facility, our industry and, by extension, Dominica.  The company is keen on achieving its commitment and putting safety first at all times.

  • All operational staff wear personal protective equipment (PPE) during their daily activities at Petro Caribe.
  • Community outreach programs such as safety talks on radio or door to door awareness 
  • Consistent staff training 
  • Safety awareness
  • Adequate health and safety supplies for plant and all staff 

With the company’s capacity being the largest on the island, various equipment has been implemented to ensure the highest safety protection is available in the event of any incident/accident. These systems include:

  1. Fire Protection System
  2. Gas Detection systems
  3. Foam System

Staff Training

At Petro Caribe, all staff undergo training in different fields to ensure staff are fully knowledgeable in the event of any safety breach.  Training includes but is not limited to:

  • CPR and First Aid
  • Defensive driving 
  • Firefighting 
  • Evacuation drills 
Safety is an obligation, not an option.

Health & Safety Month

The Health and Safety department also hosts its annual Health and Safety month where invitations to attend are extended to some of the company’s customers, such as DOMLEC, DOWASCO, etc.  However, due to the passage of Tropical Storm Erika, Hurricane Maria and the Covid-19 pandemic, this seminar was postponed.  Training is conducted by both regional and local lecturers and medical professionals. 

Some of the training which were administered were:

  1. Defensive Driving 
  2. Wellness and Nutrition Workshop
  3. Mental / Health Talks
  4. Hazard Analyst and Risk Management
  5. Industrial Program for Emergency Evacuation 
  6. Ergonomics 
  7. Environmental Contamination

Other Activities 

Every Wednesday at 8:30 AM, the HSSE hosts its weekly Health & Safety meeting with staff.  The department develops innovative and creative activities to engage staff in this meeting.  Games and competitions, safety videos and motivational speakers are some events that take place at this gathering.