PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd, also affectionately known as Petro Caribe, was formed from an agreement signed on June 29th, 2005 between the Government of Dominica and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by the Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and the Late President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

This initiative was not unique to Dominica but in fact, the fundamental objective was to contribute to the energy security, the social and economic development and the integration of the Countries of the Caribbean through the sovereign use of energy resources based entirely on the principles for integration referred to as the Bolivarian Alternative for Americas (ALBA).  

To date seventeen (17) countries are part of this agreement.  The most important priority of this initiative was the social and economic development of the region.

In the year 2007, operations in Dominica officially commenced at the Waitikubuli Fuel and Distribution Plan in Jimmit mainly servicing the Dominica Electricity Company (DOMLEC) with diesel.  Apart from diesel, the plant is also equipped to store and distribute Gasoline, Jet-A Fuel and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or commonly known as cooking gas.  

Petro Caribe remains committed to the socio-economic development of Dominica and we stand firm with our people through all trials and triumphs.

The Legacy and support continues with the current President, Nicolás Maduro


We aim to provide petroleum products and top quality energy alternatives guided by the highest standards of safety and business ethics for the social-economic benefit of Dominica and the integration of its people.



At the core of PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd vision is the desire to be the premier provider of hydrocarbon products, energy products and energy security in Dominica and the region coupled with a candid social conscience.